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has been shortlisted by the Society for the Promotion of New Music in three consecutive years (2000-2002) and Distance of the Moon, was selected and conducted by Lukas Foss in 2001.

He has received prestigious commissions including those from Celebrating English Song (Faerie Tales and Dead Letters), Aldeburgh Productions (The Original Chinese Conjuror (2006 Aldeburgh Festival/Almeida Opera Season) and the London Symphony Orchestra (Maomao Yüaut;) for Lang Lang and the Silk String Quartet, as part of the pianist's residency with the LSO in April 2009. Northwest Wind, premiered by Lontano in March 2010, won the chamber category of the British Composers Awards 2010.

Without any academic pre-conceptions, Raymond constantly finds inspirations in all music and arts. For St Mary's Project 2011 Raymond has set The Timeless Way of Cities to music. The choral composition will be performed by Tamesis.

The Timeless Way of Cities

Houses, churches, mixed together,
Streets unpleasant in all weather;
Prisons, palaces contiguous,
Gates, a bridge, the Thames irriguous.

Gaudy things enough to tempt ye,
Showy outsides, insides empty;
Bubbles, trades, mechanic arts,
Coaches, wheelbarrows and carts.

Warrants, bailiffs, bills unpaid,
Lords of laundresses afraid;
Rogues that nightly rob and shoot men,
Hangmen, aldermen and footmen.

Lawyers, poets, priests, physicians,
Noble, simple, all conditions:
Worth beneath a threadbare cover,
Villainy bedaubed all over.

Women black, red, fair and grey,
Prudes and such as never pray,
Handsome, ugly, noisy, still,
Some that will not, some that will.

Many a beau without a shilling,
Many a widow not unwilling;
Many a bargain, if you strike it:
This is London! How d'ye like it?

John Bancks