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Edmund Harcourt approached Anne-Marie Carroll to curate St. Mary's Project for 2011 impressing upon her Whitley Arts Festival's tradition of, 'Encouraging the use of new and untested processes, and as wide a participant group as possible'. The theme was to be 'Interaction'.

The summer riots had just finished and a need for determining what our community was saying seemed omnipresent. After meeting Canon Brian Shenton who kindly gave a guided tour and potted history of St Mary's church, the opportunity for both artists and community to make a positive impression upon the traditional centre of Reading was overwhelming.

A film for the front tower was mooted, this became 'Phizzog', that will be shone onto the outside of the church. It is echoed inside the church by a Chris Lambert's collective chorus.

Phil Newcombe, an artist, agreed to 'crown' the exhibition with his sculpture on the very top of St Mary's Church tower and the work exhibited inside the church by artists Natasha Zavialov, Mark Langley, Mike Taylor, The Pawnbroker and Anne-Marie Carroll will explore the original engagement. We would like to thank Canon Brian Shenton and Peter West for their help in accommodating all requests by the artists.

It's a one night only gig so make sure you are there 14th October St Mary's Church, St Mary Butts RG1 2HX for Nuit Blanche!

Tickets £4 at the door
50% will go to the church restoration fund

Tamesis performances of Raymond Yiu's The Timeless Way of Cities : 7:40, 8:30, 9:20 and 10:00

Friday 14th October 2011 from 7 pm